Local Vegetables

Essential Sources

At Essensia, we are conscientious and specific about the ingredients we use. We source ingredients from local farms and specialty purveyors to ensure that our guests can enjoy the best products we can offer. Our Miami farm-to-table restaurant chooses products that are locally grown, organic when available, always natural, and sustainably produced. Our finished product speaks for itself; when food is grown with respect, picked at its peak, served close to its source, and prepared with care, the finished plate is a culinary experience that nourishes and satisfies on many levels.

Essensia Chef’s Organic Garden

Essensia Restaurant works with a local, organic gardening firm to build a vegetable garden for the restaurant in our very own backyard! We are growing many of our specialty ingredients that we utilize in the food and drinks, including tomatoes, lemongrass, lemon balm, Thai basil, Cuban oregano, garden greens, edible flowers, and much more. Essensia is proud to be one of the leading restaurants in the farm-to-table mission in Miami Beach, and one of the first hotels to have our own restaurant garden.

Rock Garden

Rock Gardens mission is to provide fresh culinary herbs, lettuces and specialty produce with an emphasis on year-round quality and availability. We will achieve our mission by providing safe food and excellence in product quality, service levels, product information and customer relationships.

J&C Tropicals

Headquartered in Homestead, Florida, the Company operates from a 36,000 sq. ft. facility on 15 acres. J&C owns and operates facilities in Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala. They farm over 2,000 acres in South Florida, Central and South America and the Caribbean. J&C Tropicals’ distribution chain spans all of the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and Europe.

“In honoring three generations of hard work, integrity and entrepreneurship, our promise is to deliver superior quality and value to the forefront of the produce industry through state of the art farming, distribution and customer service. J&C is Tropicals!” – Carlos Capote, President.

Lucini Italia

The Lucini Italia Company was founded on the philosophy that great tasting food comes from only the most cared-for, high quality ingredients. Their passion is creating authentic, handcrafted gourmet foods inspired by the culinary traditions of Italy. Prepared in small batches using 100% natural ingredients, Lucini Italia products offer both exceptional taste and culinary performance. Their work with small regional farmers, celebrated chefs, and health and wellness experts continues to provide customers with an unmatched selection of ingredients, gourmet recipes, and quality assurance. Find Lucini oils in our salads, sauces, and appetizer selections.

Paradise Farms

Paradise Farms Organic incorporates Biodynamic principles, which, among other things, encourages an intimate relationship with the land based on the energies of the earth, sun, moon and cosmos. The farm design supports its intention to work with nature’s energy. This idea produces a higher vibrating food enriching its flavor. Paradise Farms is certified organic by Quality Certification Services from Gainesville. Their ingredients are simple: natural organic matter, love and care. Everything at the farm is done by hand and with extraordinary care. The farm offers monthly brunches, farm tours, and chef’s dinners.

Swank Farms

Swank Specialty Produce is a hydroponic farm owned and operated by Darrin and Jodi Swank since 2002. Growing over 200 varieties of produce consisting of leaf lettuces, specialty greens, cooking greens, baby veggies, edible flowers, herbs, tomatoes and micro greens, their products are grown naturally. No fungicide, no herbicide, no pesticide. They deliver their produce living – still attached to their soil and roots, so the freshness is astounding.

Teena’s Pride

Teena’s Pride provides heirloom tomatoes of the highest possible quality, as well as peppers, eggplants, greens, herbs, and other interesting produce, giving our Chefs at Essensia a colorful array of beautiful organic ingredients to work with in creating our dishes. The farm is located within 35 miles of Essensia, and our produce is picked the day it is delivered. This ensures not only the best tasting product, but ingredients that are packed with nutrients and nourishment. Teena’s Pride offers locals a CSA, or community supported agriculture program, so that Miami residents can enjoy this incredible produce each week at home.

Proper Sausage

Freddy and Danielle Kaufmann started Proper Sausages in 2011. Freddy, a Manhattan born and raised chef, and Danielle, a Brit with a passion for real food, came together in Miami Beach in 2009, and were dismayed at the lack of love, skill, and consciousness that went in to sausage making here in Miami.  They felt it their duty to create “proper” sausage for the residents of South Florida, using only the highest quality ingredients, including Berkshire heritage pork, Florida raised Japanese Wagyu beef, Lake Meadow farm eggs, and locally raised heritage poultry. As culinary consciousness increases in South Florida, consumers are more and more interested in where their food comes from, and appreciate that artisanal purveyors like the Kaufmanns, are consciously utilizing animals that are humanly raised. They do not use trash pieces or scraps, but pay close attention the cuts and breeds that are used in their sausage making.  Proper Sausage opened a storefront (9722 NE 2nd Ave) in March of 2013 to make their sausage, along with the highest quality cuts of local, heritage meats available to the public. Thankfully, there are purveyors that put as much passion and consciousness into sausage making as the Kaufmanns, and Essensia is proud to be one of the select restaurants to feature Proper Sausage.

Q Farm

Q’ Farm is a small family farm in Homestead that grows fruit sustainably and also provides recreational paso fino horseback riding for special groups. The best of both worlds is at this farm: interaction with horses, chickens, and cows that are well cared for and local fruit like Tommy Atkins mango, Choquette avocado, and Dwarf bananas for our local customers.