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Chef De Cuisine

Diner's Choice 2019

Chef Philosophy

“Being a chef is like telling a story, and the way I tell my story is through my food.” – Diana Tandia, Chef de Cuisine

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Meet Diana Tandia

Born in Mauritania, Chef Diana Tandia’s culinary influences are tied to her unique journey—one that has taken her across the world. The fusion of Northern and West African cuisine, scratch-made by her parents in her childhood home, was her first dose; the mentorship of culinary giants Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Daniel Boulud at the French Culinary Institute was the second; her personal travels to Asia, the third. Together, the three result in a personal culinary style that skillfully weaves African, French, and Asian influences with an emphasis on fresh, wholesome food.

Two decades of experience have taken her from the kitchens of fine dining establishments like Gramercy Tavern, Four Seasons Chiang Mai, and Spice Market to becoming the owner and Executive Chef of Berber Street Food, where Afro-fusion menus featured Senegalese empanadas, house-made harissa, and more.

Her signature dishes showcase the tapestry of her culinary expertise, from jungle curry made with coconut lemongrass broth to whole roasted local snapper drizzled in tomato chili sambal. In telling her story through food, Tandia turns her diverse influences into flavorful dishes, crafted with ingenuity and passion.